CES 2018: Exploring Business Solutions and Applications in the Sands Expo
February 06, 2018
This past Tuesday was the official start to CES 2018, with a plethora of smart devices on display for everyone.

I spent Day 1 of CES 2018 inside the Sands Expo in search of those consumer products and services that can meet your business demands.

The proliferation of smart devices is apparent in nearly every company's offerings. It also seems like the trend this year is to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) in product names or description. That is not to say that AI does not have a key role in many of these products - it's just amazing how much more prevalent the term is this year relative to last year.

On the lower level of the Sands Expo is an area called Eureka Park. In this crowded area you will find more than 20 countries highlighting technology that is coming from more than 800 startups and established businesses in those regions. There is so much to see as you walk around that it can easily cause sensory overload.

However, I headed into the Sands Expo to hunt down the products most likely to provide viable business solutions.

After you review the snapshots below, be sure to check out the product images and links to the companies in the gallery.

Deep Force

This company is developing programming that will allow AI processing directly on a device instead of needing to rely on a cloud processing of data. This would make for speedier face detection, face identification, face grouping, object recognition, and gaze direction. The capability is downloaded as an app with the necessary offline data to enable this device based processing to occur at anytime on that device. Even a heavy duty object recognition database is in the ballpark of 200MB's worth of data to be downloaded to your device.

Credit: IT Pro Today