Face Identification
  • Distinguishes and verifies user's identities instantly

  • Instant local learning quickly creates a database of important individuals

  • Ensures accurate verification that distinguishes between real subjects and face spoofing

  • Fast & Accurate

    Industry Leading execution speed and accuracy

  • Secure

    Offline Solution to ensure your privacy

  • Easy to Integrate

    Covers various frameworks and architectures to give you faster time to market

  • Flexible

    Hardware agnostic solution that can be easily ported to different hardware or platforms

Features And Specs
Support Multiple Platforms
For Additional Features and Specs message us at Contact@deepforce.com
For Additional Features and Specs message us at Contact@deepforce.com
Use Cases
  • Intelligent Robot/Drone

    Improves user experience by immediately recognizing owners and understanding their commands

  • VIP Customer Service

    Recognizes VIP customers and alerts attendants improving customer service

  • 2 Step Verification

    Enhances security by applying face verification before transactions are made

  • Marketing

    Enables personalized marketing experiences tailored to individuals

  • Smart Cameras

    Improves security by recognizing individuals and scenes greatly reducing false alarms

  • Intelligent Toys

    Identifies individuals and understand interactions creating unique experiences tailored for every child

  • Face Authentication

    Empowers businesses to securely and reliably verify a user’s identity locally without delays